Vintage Tram Photos & 100 Years of the Forchbahn


If you missed yesterday’s VHF Vintage Tram Open Day there is another Open Day along the route from the Tram Museum in Burgwies to Esslingen on 29th September.


Also, this year the Forchbahn celebrates 100 years of service so there will be festivities to celebrate this milestone with a big party at Forch Station on 2nd September. As well as a brunch, there will be an Autumn Market, all manner of local specialities and free rides on the Forchbahn.  For more information and the programme of events (in German) please click here.

Photos ©NewInZurich

Busy Weekend in Zurich

Lots on this weekend. From the  “old timer” trams along the Burgwies – Esslingen route on Saturday, the Dorfli Faescht in Niederdorf all weekend, the Theater Spektakel in Landiwiese which goes on till 2nd September and the Pistenfest not far away in Birrfeld till Sunday. For more information on all these events just scroll down on the home page. Watch out for all the “Chilbis” in the villages and towns around Zurich which are starting around this time of year too.

Have a great weekend whatever you do!