Goodbye Wine Ships, Hello Whisky Ships – Whisky Tasting in Zurich

Well, yesterday was the last day of the wine ships but if you didn’t manage to get down to Burkliplatz for some sampling, make sure you don’t miss out on the Whisky Ships!

Whisky Ship in Burkliplatz, Zurich

You will have to be a little patient as the Whisky Ships don’t open until Thursday 29th November and what’s important to know is that they only stay for 4 days – so you need to be quick or you’ll miss them.  On Thursday and Friday they are open from 4pm till 11pm and on Saturday from 2pm till 11pm and on Sunday 2nd December, their final day, they will be open frrm 2pm – 7pm.  Entrance is CHF 18, a glass costs CHF 2 and you buy a bag of 20 “tasting jetons” for CHF 20.

With whisky from Scotland, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Japan and even Switzerland you’ll be sure to get to know whisky a little better and hopefully find a whisky you like!  Read here (in German) …. for more information.

PS – if you wear a kilt you get in for free!