Olma Festival in St Gallen 11th – 21st October

Have you ever visited St Gallen?  If you haven’t then maybe this coming week is the time to go as you could combine it with a visit to the “Olma Fest” which starts tomorrow. As well as being a very historic town, St.Gallen has long been the trading and economic centre of Eastern Switzerland. In fact  its trading history dates back to the 15th century to Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor, who decreed in 1466 that nobody should put up any barriers to trade in St.Gallen.
The “OLMA” festival is one of the most popular fairs in the whole of Switzerland. Every year this Swiss agricultural fair show cases a variety of livestock, live “Schwingen” (Swiss wrestling) competitions, country music, arts, crafts, culinary delights and specialities, as well as special events such as an “aqua expo”. OLMA also features “Säulirennen”, or piglet racing for which it is famous!
Taste, try, learn, compare, buy: around 650 exhibitors will be offering a wide range of products, specialties, and attractions. And one thing you definitely won’t be able to escape at Olma is the legendary scent of bratwurst. After all, what could be more Swiss than a Bratwurst?
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Photos courtesy of Olma

Forchbahn 100 Years Celebration in Pictures

Well if you didn’t manage to make it to the Forchbahn 100 years celebrations here are some photos of what you missed!  There were free rides on Forchbahn carriages of all eras, a “Christening ceremony for a Forchbahn”, pig racing (N.B. the photo just shows the exhausted piglets catching up on some sleep after the first race), a band, the Pfadi entertaining the children with nail and hammer games and cooking bread rolls on sticks and making apple fritters, a market and a Schwingen (Swiss wrestling) contest to name just a few of the attractions. The rain held off and a fun day was had by all.