The Zurich Opera House Open Day in pictures

Did you visit Zurich Opera House’s Open Day last Saturday? If you did you had the opportunity not only to see special performances and taster sessions, but also to listen to chamber music in the “Room of Mirrors” to check out the views from different seats in the theatre, to look behind the scenes and watch demonstration of “fake snow” and “fake fires” taking place on stage as well as disappearing doors and other theatrical devices.

One of the best areas was the Wardrobe section where you had access to period costumes and with the help of very competent “wardrobe mistresses” you could actually choose a costume to try on, along with co-ordinating hats, brollies and even tiaras.

The Opera House is home to opera, ballet, concerts and lots more. It is located centrally in Zurich with views right over the lake and is close to Stadelhofen railway station and is well connected for trams.

Fancy watching Salome, Tosca or Jenufa – all of which will be performing soon? To check out the current Opera Programme click here. Romeo and Juliet as well as Swan Lake ballets will be performing soon as well and for the full Ballet Programme click here. The programme for the Philharmonic Concerts is available here.

Zurich Opera House – well worth a visit.

Picture: Zurich Opera House
Photos: NewInZurich

Zurich Opera House’s Open Day Sat 22nd September – free entry for all

Have you visited the Opera House in Zurich? If not, this Saturday you have the opportunity to explore both the public areas and “behind the scenes” as the Opernhaus invites you all to an “open Day”.

From 1O.OO-21.OO the Opera House is yours to explore. There will be special events (with tickets available at the front of the building) and the whole day will be a celebration of the start of the season 2O12/13 –  one great big Opera House Party! There will be food, music and theatre for you all to enjoy and an opportunity to get to know Zurich Opera House at close quarters. What’s even better is that entrance is free!  Enjoy!
Picture: Zurich Opera House