Did you get to swim the Limmat? Limmatschwimmen 2012

Tickets for yesterday’s 49th Limmat Swim sold out within hours of going on sale but if you were lucky enough to be amongst the 4,200 swimmers who took part you were rewarded with a refreshing swim in the 30 degree plus heat in Zurich! Starting at the Frauenbadi near Buerkliplatz the swimmers took to the water on little yellow “butterflies” which enabled you to either float or swim along the Limmat past the Muensterbruecke, the Rathaus-Bruecke, the Rudolf-Brunbruecke, Muehlesteg, Bahnhof-Bruecke, Walche-Bruecke, Landesmuseum, Drahtschmidligsteg to the final destination in Oberer Letten.  A veritable city tour by water!

The 50th anniversary of Zurich’s Limmat swim will take place next year and for those of you who like to plan in advance it will take place on either 17th or 24 August 2013. See you there!


Limmat Fun without the Swim?

Don’t miss out on the fun this Saturday!! Even though tickets for the Limmat Swim sold out within 1 day this year (last year they took 3 days) it is still a great spectator sport so why not join everyone for the “after swim” atmosphere at the recently renovated Oberer Letten Badi (entry free) where there is food and drink on sale and you can swim in the Limmat? To get a feel for the day watch this video by Oliver Schuemperlin:Image