Tours of Zurich by Stadt Zurich

Did you know that every few weeks Stadt Zurich run tours (in German) of specific areas of interest in Zurich. Last week they gave a tour of the old town of Zurich. Logically enough, we started at the Lindenhof, the oldest settlement in Zurich where we were able to admire the panoramic views across the Limmat and the city below. We were taken underground into the “Lindenhofkeller” where there are Celtic, Roman and Medieval remains. Afterwards, we headed over to Schipfe, along the Rathaus bridge and along to the “Ehgraben” in Niederdorf. As well as hearing about the historic importance of the buildings and monuments we were admiring, we also learnt about the implications for town planning in Zurich and the differing ways with which it had been dealt with over the years. Our two guides were entertaining and informative and pointed out all the architectural highlights along the route.

Next week’s tour led by Stadt Zurich employees concentrates on the buildings for further education in Zurich and takes place on 28th August from 5.30pm – 7.30pm. Meet at Haus zum Rech, Neumarkt 4 in Zurich at 5.30pm.  There is no charge for the tour and for more information (in German) click on the website. Please note that the tour will also be in German.

Photos ©NewinZurich

Swim Across Lake Zurich – Seeueberquerung Wednesday 22nd August

This Wednesday 22nd why not swim across the lake as part of the annual Zurich “Seeueberquerung” from Mythenquai to Tiefenbrunnen?  No need to pre-register, you simply turn up on the day and the ticket office opens at 2pm with the first swimmers crossing at 3pm and the event ends at 6.15pm. The crossing is recommended for good swimmers only as it is about 1,500 meters in length and is open to 16 year olds and above. Your luggage is transported to the other side by boat. Tickets cost CHF 20 and the price includes a drink, a voucher for risotto and a souvenir glass. There will be space for up to 10,000 swimmers – so if you missed out on Saturday’s Limmat Swim, now is your chance to do some real swimming!

Did you get to swim the Limmat? Limmatschwimmen 2012

Tickets for yesterday’s 49th Limmat Swim sold out within hours of going on sale but if you were lucky enough to be amongst the 4,200 swimmers who took part you were rewarded with a refreshing swim in the 30 degree plus heat in Zurich! Starting at the Frauenbadi near Buerkliplatz the swimmers took to the water on little yellow “butterflies” which enabled you to either float or swim along the Limmat past the Muensterbruecke, the Rathaus-Bruecke, the Rudolf-Brunbruecke, Muehlesteg, Bahnhof-Bruecke, Walche-Bruecke, Landesmuseum, Drahtschmidligsteg to the final destination in Oberer Letten.  A veritable city tour by water!

The 50th anniversary of Zurich’s Limmat swim will take place next year and for those of you who like to plan in advance it will take place on either 17th or 24 August 2013. See you there!


Street Parade Zurich 2012

Well the Swiss sure know how to party!  Street Parade 2012 was one big colourful event with sun, fun, music, crazy costumes, mad hair – and LOTS of people! The bridges and streets were packed to bursting and the floats were buzzing as they drove along followed by revellers. Some people took to swimming in the lake to cool off as others just danced the day and night away!



For more photos of Street Parade 2012 by NewInZurich click here