Forchbahn 100 Years Celebration in Pictures

Well if you didn’t manage to make it to the Forchbahn 100 years celebrations here are some photos of what you missed!  There were free rides on Forchbahn carriages of all eras, a “Christening ceremony for a Forchbahn”, pig racing (N.B. the photo just shows the exhausted piglets catching up on some sleep after the first race), a band, the Pfadi entertaining the children with nail and hammer games and cooking bread rolls on sticks and making apple fritters, a market and a Schwingen (Swiss wrestling) contest to name just a few of the attractions. The rain held off and a fun day was had by all.

100 Years of Forchbahn Celebrations 1st & 2nd Sept – Aunty Frieda, “pig racing” and more!

The Forchbahn, the S18 service from Stadelhofen to Esslingen is celebrating 100 years of service and there will be celebrations at Esslingen station this Saturday, 1 September followed by light refreshments. All railway enthusiasts are welcome! There will be a procession of various railway wagons in unusual combinations along the route from Forch to Esslingen – so if you’re a railway fan do visit Esslingen station to check out it all out.
The journey from Stadelhofen to Esslingen originally took 67 minutes when the service came into operation in 1912 but these days it takes just around 36 minutes. The Forchbahn trains are also affectionately referred to as “Tante Frieda” – Aunty Frieda!
On  Sunday 2nd September there will be a “Fest” at  Forch station incorporating a small market, musical entertainment, local foods and drinks, and a wide range of activities for all the family, including “pig racing” – yes, really! There will be free rides on Sunday too! For full details of Sunday’s programme (in German) click here. For details about the Forchbahn and it’s jubilee year click here.
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Vintage Tram Photos & 100 Years of the Forchbahn


If you missed yesterday’s VHF Vintage Tram Open Day there is another Open Day along the route from the Tram Museum in Burgwies to Esslingen on 29th September.


Also, this year the Forchbahn celebrates 100 years of service so there will be festivities to celebrate this milestone with a big party at Forch Station on 2nd September. As well as a brunch, there will be an Autumn Market, all manner of local specialities and free rides on the Forchbahn.  For more information and the programme of events (in German) please click here.

Photos ©NewInZurich

Vintage Travel by Tram

Did you know that the “VHF”, the Society responsible for historic Forchbahn trams, run monthly public journeys in vintage trams along the “Route 21” line, a variant of the Forchbahn route, from the Tram Museum in Burgwies to Esslingen?  Today, Saturday August 25th is one of those days when the vintage trams will be out and about and your normal ZVV tram tickets are valid for all journeys. Step back into a different era and enjoy the ride!  For details of the timetable please click here.
Photo courtesy of VHF