New Speeding Laws in Switzerland from 1st January 2013

Photo ©Ellie Libertine

Photo © Ellie Libertine

From 1st January 2013 strict new laws came into force against drivers who speed excessively. This follows an initiative by a Swiss pressure group called RoadCross who have been campaigning for some time against speeding on Swiss roads.

Speeding Excessively is defined as:

  • driving at 70 km or more in a 30 km zone
  • driving at 100km or more in a 50km zone
  • driving at 140km or more in a 80km zone
  • driving at 200km or more on the motorway

Excessive speeding or “Raserei” as it known is a criminal offence and drivers caught speeding will be sentenced to prison even if nobody has been seriously injured or killed.

  • The speeding driver if found guilty will lose their driving licence for at least two years
  • If the offence is repeated they lose their driving licence for life
  • Convicted drivers will face 1 to 4 years in jail
  • The convicted driver may also have their vehicle confiscated
  • It will be illegal to inform drivers about the presence of radars and speed controls
  • People found using radar detectors will be fined.

For more information (in German) please see this document. World Radio Switzerland conducted an excellent interview with a representative from RoadCross explaining the new law in more detail please click the link to hear it.

Photo ©Ellie Libertine