Happy Holidays … Happy Christmas … Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone Happy holidays, a Happy Christmas and all the best for a great 2013! Whatever you are celebrating have a great time! It’s extremely unlikely that we will have snow in Zurich tomorrow – but here’s some to remind you of the city a few days ago!

Snowy Christmas scene










If you’re lucky and have been very good, hopefully this man in red will be bringing you and your family lots of presents tonight!

Samichlaus, Father Christmas
















But whatever you do, we hope that you enjoy these festive days and have fun. Thank you for reading and we look forward to exploring more of Zurich with you in 2013!


Conelli Circus, Salto Natale Circus and the “Swiss Christmas” Show in Zurich

Swiss Christmas

If you’re looking for a show or some traditional festive entertainment in Zurich over the Christmas period there are a couple of traditional circuses on offer, for example Conelli running until the 6th January and Salto Natale running until the 2nd January and there is also the “Swiss Christmas” show which is on until the 31st December and takes place in a great big white tent close to the Hallenstadion in Oerlikon.

Although not billed as a circus, Swiss Christmas features acrobatics, trapeze acts, dancing, singing, comedy acts and an amazing magic show by conjurer Peter Marvey.  Most of the acts are more visual than verbal, so you can follow what is going on with only minimal German although many of the introductions to acts and any comedy routines will be in German or Swiss German.  However, you don’t need much German to get the gist!

Salto Natale Zurich

By now, many of the performances for all three productions are selling out, however, there are still tickets to be had – please click on the blue links above for more information.

conelli circus Zurich
Conelli Photo Credit: Daniele Lupini

NewInZurich Guide to Christmas Markets Part II Over the border from Switzerland

Christmas Market, Stuttgart

Zurich is ideally placed to hop over the border either by train, car or even plane.  If you’re a dedicated “Christmas Market visitor”, chances are you’ve already been to some of the Swiss ones – so for a bit of diversity here’s a quick guide to some of the Christmas Markets over the border.


Konstanz 29th November – 22nd December

Stuttgart 28th November – 23rd December

Nuremburg 30th November – 24th December

Freiburg 26th November – 23rd December

Frankfurt 26th November – 23rd December

Cologne 26th November – 23rd December

Hamburg 26th November – 31st December

Munich 30th November – 24th December

Berlin 26th November – 31st December

Bremen 29th November – 23rd December

Dusseldorf 22nd November – 23rd December

Heidelberg 21st November – 22nd December


Colmar 23rd November – 31st December

Strasbourg 24th November – 31st December

Lille 21st November – 30th December

Mulhouse 24th November – 28th December

Avignon 24th November – 1st January


Vienna  17th November – 24th December

Graz 23rd November – 23rd December

Innsbruck 15th November –  6th January

Salzburg 22nd November to 26th December

We believe that all information provided is correct at the time of publishing but please check the links in blue before setting off as dates may be subject to change.   

Photo courtesy of www.germany-christmas-market.org.uk

Christmas Shopping Sundays in Zurich

Christmas Angel, © NewInZurich.comNormally in Zurich all shops are shut on a Sunday and if you want to shop your main port of call is Zurich Airport, where all the shops are open 365 days a year. Alternatively, if you just need the odd grocery or two you can normally get the items you need at a petrol station or by popping in to Migros or Coop at Zurich Hauptbahnhof, Coop at Stadelhofen or Uster Bahnhof, for example. However, over the Christmas period the shops in Zurich implement “Sunday Shopping” on selected Sundays before Christmas. The dates do vary depending on which shopping centre you are visiting.

We have the main ones listed here:


In Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich Sunday Shopping dates are as follows 11am – 6pm (hours in most stores)

– Sunday December 2nd

– Sunday December 9th

– Sunday December 23rd

In addition there will be late night shopping tonight, November 22nd from 9am till 10pm in Bahnhofstrasse!

In Sihlcity the Sunday Shopping dates are as follows from 11am – 6pm:

– Sunday December 2nd

– Sunday December 9th

– Sunday December 23rd

In Volkiland the Sunday Shopping dates are as follows from 11am – 6pm:

– Sunday December 16th

– Sunday December 23rd

In Glattzentrum the Sunday Shopping dates are:

– Sunday November 25th

– Sunday December 2nd

– Sunday December 9th

– Sunday December 16th

In addition please note that many shops close early on Christmas Eve, December 24th and that all shops are closed on Christmas Day, 25th December, Boxing Day 26th December and New Year’s Day 1st January!  Happy Shopping!

Tickets now on sale for Zurich Comedy Club’s “Season’s Greetings” by Alan Ayckbourn

Ok, it’s a little early to be thinking of Christmas, but this theatre production by the Zurich Comedy Club looks like one not to be missed! It will be performed in Zurich’s “Theater im Seefeld”, Seefeldstrasse 91, 8008 Zurich on Weds November 7th, Thurs 8th, Fri 9th and Tues 13th, Weds 14th, Thurs 15th and Friday 16th at 19.30 as well as on Saturdays November 10th and 17th at 17.00 – and tickets are now available for purchase!

To set the scene: It is Christmas and Belinda and Neville are celebrating with relatives and friends. The family includes Neville’s alcoholic sister, Phyllis, and her husband Bernard, an incompetent doctor whose annual puppet shows are disastrous and boring to young and old alike. Add Neville’s friend Eddie and his pregnant wife, Pattie, Uncle Harvey, a slightly senile retired security guard and TV addict, Rachel, Belinda’s unmarried and emotionally unstable sister, and finally Clive, a writer in an unsuccessful relationship with Rachel. Forced together over 3 days at Christmas, the chaotic atmosphere becomes explosive… For more information and to buy tickets please click here.


Apparently, after watching this YOUR Christmas will seem quite normal!  Enjoy!

Photos: Zurich Comedy Club