Things to Do in Zurich This Weekend and What’s Coming Soon

The Event and Wedding Fair in Oerlikon

The Event and Wedding Fair takes place at the Messe in Oerlikon on 12th and 13th January from 10am – 6pm each day.  It’s not just aimed at those who are getting married. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a party or an event, or simply want to get some inspiration there is plenty of food for thought.  For more information check out our previous post.

Wedding Fair at the Messe in Oerlikon

The Meiyintang Collection of Cinese Ceramics at the Rietberg Museum

After the six-month rebuilding programme, the Museum Rietberg reopens its Chinese collection with the presentation of more than 600 objects from the world-famous Meiyintang Collection of Chinese ceramics in the splendid, freshly refurbished galleries. Among other treasures, the collection includes eggshell-thin cups from the Neolithic period, colour-glazed horses and magnificent vessels from the Tang dynasty, as well as exquisite bowls with transparent glaze from the Song period. The exhibition opened on 11th January.  For more information.

Meiyintang Chinese Ceramics at Museum Rietberg

Chavin Exhibition at the Rietberg Museum

Also at at the Rietberg the Chavin Exhibition  explores Peru’s mysterious temples in the Andes and runs till the 10th March.  Click here for a video sampler and more information on the exhibition.

Chavin Exhibition Zurich

Paul Gaugin at the Kunsthaus

“The Prints” exhibition showing work by Paul Gaugin is on at the Kunsthaus till 20th January. Click here to read our previous post.


The forecast looks ok for a good weekend skiing but do check out our Practical Info page to  see the latest on al the nearest ski resorts to Zurich and check the webcams before you set off too!

Skiing in Flumserberg


The Mercedes-CSI horse show “Golden Moments” 25th – 27th January

Mercedes Benz CSI Golden Moments

This is an equestrian show with a difference and it also features the CSI “expo” or exhibition, with lots of attractions for the whole family. If you’re interested in learning more about the type of entertainment on offer check out this video. Tickets start at CHF 68 – so for the horse lovers amongst you, do take a look here.

British artist Joanne Finnegan’s First Major Solo Exhibition

Joanne Finnegan has her first major solo exhibition at the American Women’s Club Zurich on February 2nd to March 30th. Joanne’s paintings highlight the beauty of the Swiss Alps through vibrant, strong colours and on February 2nd she has the opening Vernissage from 6:30 to 9pm.

Joanne Finnegan paintingsOrel Fussli’s Book Club Event in English – Kazuo Ishiguro “Never Let Me Go”

Join a discussion about this highly praised novel. From the acclaimed author of The Remains of the Day and When We Were Orphans, a moving novel that subtly re-imagines our world and time in a haunting story of friendship and love . Moderation by Jill Prewett (of Nuance Words, columnist and author of “Behind Closed Doors” and “Raw Material”). This free event will take place at Orell Füssli at 8.30pm on 31st January at The Bookshop, Bahnhofstrasse 70, 8001 Zürich. There is also a free Greek Olive Oil and delicatessen tasting event in the Cooking Department at another Orell Fuessli shop in Kramhof on Saturday 12th, 19th and 26th from 10am – 6pm. For more information.

Book Club Event at Orell Fussli

Chagall, Modern Masters at the Kunsthaus

Also showing is “Chagall, Modern Master” which runs from 8th February – 12th May at the Kunsthaus Zürich. it features some 90 paintings by Marc Chagall (1887–1985), one of the best known and most popular artists of the 20th century. His images of Russian village life, floating figures, flying cows and roosters are world-famous.The exhibition focuses on the period 1911 to 1922 – a formative era in Chagall’s artistic career. It covers his sojourn in Paris before the First World War, his trip to Berlin and his exhibition there in 1914 at the Galerie Der Sturm, as well as the period spent in his native Russia. In addition to normal opening hours, the Chagall exhibition is also open on Mondays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Marc Chagall Exhibition at the Kunsthaus

For more information check here.


And if you just fancy taking it easy and watching a good film at the cinema, check here to see what films are running.

Photo credits: Event and Wedding Fair, Zurich Kunsthaus, Museum Rietberg, CSI Mercedes, Joane Finnegan, NewInZurich

New Speeding Laws in Switzerland from 1st January 2013

Photo ©Ellie Libertine

Photo © Ellie Libertine

From 1st January 2013 strict new laws came into force against drivers who speed excessively. This follows an initiative by a Swiss pressure group called RoadCross who have been campaigning for some time against speeding on Swiss roads.

Speeding Excessively is defined as:

  • driving at 70 km or more in a 30 km zone
  • driving at 100km or more in a 50km zone
  • driving at 140km or more in a 80km zone
  • driving at 200km or more on the motorway

Excessive speeding or “Raserei” as it known is a criminal offence and drivers caught speeding will be sentenced to prison even if nobody has been seriously injured or killed.

  • The speeding driver if found guilty will lose their driving licence for at least two years
  • If the offence is repeated they lose their driving licence for life
  • Convicted drivers will face 1 to 4 years in jail
  • The convicted driver may also have their vehicle confiscated
  • It will be illegal to inform drivers about the presence of radars and speed controls
  • People found using radar detectors will be fined.

For more information (in German) please see this document. World Radio Switzerland conducted an excellent interview with a representative from RoadCross explaining the new law in more detail please click the link to hear it.

Photo ©Ellie Libertine

Social Media Marketing in Zurich – Ashley Ringger of Set Sails Media

Some of you missed the recent article we wrote about Ashley Ringger of Set Sails Media, so as it is the beginning of the New Year and some of you have expressed an interest in wanting to learn more about Social Media for your job or for your business,  why not read what Ashley Ringger of Set Sails Media has to say about her business which focuses on social media, content management and marketing. Why not get in touch with Ashley too for your FREE consultation. This article is also filed on the website under “Guest Blogs”.

Ashley Ringger, Set Sails Media,

NewInZurich: How new are you and Set Sails Media to Zurich?

Ashley Ringger: I’ve lived in Switzerland for three years and in Zurich for about two of those years. So I am still relatively new to Zurich. Living in Switzerland has been a bit of a transition as I come from California, but I’ve had some really great experiences in that short amount of time. Some of which I would have never had back home. One of them being starting my own business. Set Sails Media is still very new to Zurich – less than a year old in fact.

NiZ: Where did the inspiration for Set Sails Media come from?

Ashley: When I came to Zurich I started networking with other professionals in the area and realized there was a recurring question of “What is social media marketing and how can it help my brand?”. I’ve worked in general and social media marketing for several years and have studied human behavior and felt that I might be able to answer this question and offer my knowledge as a service to others. Social media marketing is often called “the modern day word of mouth” and I felt that business owners should have the chance to utilize all that Facebook, Twitter and the like offer.

NiZ: Why did you choose the name “Set Sails” for your business?

Ashley: There are a few reasons for the name. When a new business is starting out, they need to fill the sails of their metaphorical business ship to move forward. I want to help businesses set their sails in the direction of success. “Sails” is also synonymous with “sales” which is also really important for a business. And I also have a personal connection to the ocean having grown up close to it.

NiZ: Who could benefit the most from your services?

Ashley: I target my services to small businesses and those who are their brand – artists, therapists, tour guides. I would say that anyone who has a service or product they want to market, I could help them lay the groundwork. Even those who has started their marketing and just need a clearer direction, I can help them “reset their sails” so to speak.

NiZ: What are your services?

Ashley: Social media marketing management is my main focus, but I also do brainstorming and strategy development, content writing for blogs and newsletters, public relations and training. If there is something I can’t do, I usually know someone I can refer my clients to.

NiZ: What do businesses struggle with the most in regards to social media?

Ashley: One common barrier to successful social media is time. A business owner has so many things to worry about that finding the time to write content, post it and follow-up with fans can be overwhelming. Many of my clients rely on me to source information, post it in the “personality” of their business and monitor to see how fans react. And it doesn’t stop there. Social media is indeed social! You have to develop relationships with others online just like you would in person. This means being consistent and relevant to what’s going on in your industry

To get in touch with Ashley for your FREE consultation, visit Set Sails Media’s website or email her:

Haggis anyone? Burns Night Supper in Zurich with the BSCC

Burns Supper in Zurich on 25th January 7.30pm – 11pm

Burns Night in Zurich

To celebrate the 254th anniversary of the birth of Scotland’s national bard, Robert Burns, the British Swiss Chamber of Commerce is hosting a Burns Supper at the Zunfthaus zur Meisen in Zurich.  Burns Night is celebrated on 25th January all around the world and is a truly unique event.

It’s also a great opportunity to (a) try haggis if you’ve never eaten it before, (b) wear a kilt if you’ve got one and (c) get to sing “Auld Lang Syne” again! This event also has the added attraction of whisky tasting and a prize draw for plane tickets to Edinburgh!

Gathering (Drinks)
Piping in of the Guests
Chairman’s Welcome
Selkirk Grace
Piping in of the Haggis
Address to the Haggis
Supper commences
Immortal Memory & Appreciation Address
Toast to the Lassies
Reply from the Lassies
Vote of Thanks
Music from the Pipes and other Interludes
Whisky Tasting – kindly being offered by Diageo with the Classic Malts
Prize draw 2 pairs of return, business class, tickets Zurich/Edinburgh courtesy of BMI Regional
Auld Lang Syne

Highland dress or lounge suits/cocktail dresses

Cock-a-Leekie  Soup

Haggis (vegetarian alternative available)
Champit Tatties
Bashed Neeps

Scottish cheeses and oatcakes

For more information and to book please go to the website. If you would like to book a table of 8 please contact Vicki Guntern: Tel: 043 443 06 80,

Skiing in Flumserberg

This time of year it’s often quite misty and foggy in Zurich, but up above the clouds in the mountains it’s lovely and sunny. Though it turned out to be a sunny day in Zurich eventually, it started off grey and cloudy. The phrase “unten grau, oben blau” translates roughly as grey down below and blue on top and is often quite apt for this time of year.

If you fancy escaping the “grau” why not head for the nearby slopes of Flumserberg.  Here are some photos of Flumserberg taken today to whet your appetite!

For more information on Flumserberg go to the website.

For more information on Flumserberg and other ski resorts close to Zurich as well as webcam information,  check out our Practical Info page.

If you don’t want to head to the mountains to enjoy the snow don’t worry, as according to the weather forecasts we should expect some more snow in Zurich this coming weekend – enjoy!

The Event and Wedding Fair or Fest- und Hochzeitsmesse Zürich

Oerlikon is a popular location for concerts, exhibitions and events and just this weekend Zurich’s “Fest- und Hochzeitmesse” or Event and Wedding Fair takes place at the Messe by the Hallenstadion.

Wedding Fair at the Messe in Oerlikon

The Fair is on 12th and 13th January from 10am – 6pm each day.  In fact it’s not just aimed at those who are getting married. Whether you’re planning a wedding or indeed a grand party or event, or just want to go along for some inspiration, there is bound to be lots on offer to whet your appetite.

Wedding Fair at the Messe in Oerlikon

As well as fashion shows featuring the latest trends there are also talks on everything from flowers and accessories to holiday and honeymoon destinations and lots more.  In addition information and advice is on hand from hundreds of retailers who will be willing to help you with your plans. Entrance is CHF 18 but if you go after 4.30pm there is reduced entry of just CHF 10.  For more information please check the website.

Photos: Fest- und Hochzeitmesse

Visit to Photo13 at the Maag Halle in Zurich

Maag Halle, Zurich

There are two more days left to visit Photo13 in Zurich so if you haven’t been already, there’s still time this Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th January from 11am – 8pm.

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 4.55.39 PM

As well as viewing some amazing photography there are also inspirational lectures available to attend given by world renowned photographers such as Steve McCurry, who took the iconic photograph of the “Afghan Girl” with the beautiful green eyes, which featured on the cover of the National Geographic magazine back in 1985 and has since become world famous. Steve McCurry will be speaking on Tuesday at 8pm after the exhibition has closed and is sure to be an enthralling speaker.

Morgan Schmid, Photographer at Photo13


We went on Friday and not only had the chance to see some sensational photography by Swiss photographers exhibiting at Photo13 such as Morgan Schmid, Oliver Look, Nicholas Zanvi and many more, but also to talk to them about the techniques they used to create their photos and what inspires them.


Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 4.54.04 PM

Maag Halle, Zurich

Entrance to the exhibition is CHF 15 and the lectures cost extra. For tickets click here and for more information on the event itself go to this page. The picture below is of Albert Watson who took the world famous photo of Steve Jobs, giving a talk to a packed lecture hall on Friday evening.

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 4.54.54 PM


Things to Do in Zurich This Weekend and Dreikönigstag

Dreikönigstag – 6th January

This weekend it is Epiphany on Sunday 6th January, which is celebrated in Switzerland with the baking of the special Dreikönigskuchen, or “Three Kings” bread. The bread is actually made of balls of sweet dough, sometimes with raisins, stuck to a central larger piece of dough to make a kind of “crown shape” and baked in the oven. Tradition has it, that if you are lucky enough to find a small king (usually the small white plastic kind!) in your piece of bread, you get to be crowned “King for the Day”  and can be absolved of washing up and clearing and other household chores for the day  … AND you get to wear a paper crown for the day too! Good luck and enjoy your rule!


6th January is also the traditional day for taking down your Christmas decorations and tree. Check with your recycling / rubbish calendar as sometimes you can leave your tree out in the street for collection / recycling.

Photo13 Exhibition at the Maag Haalle

Photo13 takes place at the Maag Halle in Zurich, near Hardbrücke until the 8th January from 11am – 8pm each day. It is a great opportunity to view some fabulous photography and there are also lectures on photography from famous and world-renowned photographers. Entrance cost CHF 15 (lectures extra). For further information read our previous post about the event or check the website.

Photo13 Zurich

Free Ice Skating – “Gratis Auf Glatteis”

Heuried and Oerlikon ice rinks are offering another “Gratis auf Glatteis” ice skating event at their ice rinks this Sunday from 10am – 7pm. So if you’ve never been before and wanted to try it out for free – why not take advantage this Sunday 6th? Not only is the entrance free, but the skate hire too. If the previous event they had in November is anything to go by, this is sure to be a popular event! For more details (in German) check the website.

Paul Gaugin at the Kunsthaus

If you fancy visiting a museum or art gallery why not pop into the Kunsthaus to view “the Prints” exhibition showing work by Paul Gaugin which is on till 20th January? Click here to read our previous post. Or indeed, “Chagall, Modern Master” which runs till 8th February?  For more information check here.

Chavin Exhibition at the Rietberg Museum

The Chavin Exhibition at the Rietberg explores Peru’s mysterious temples in the Andes and runs till the 10th March. For more information.


And of course there is skiing to be had!  Check out our Practical Info page for information on various ski resorts near to Zurich and check the webcams before you set off too!

Whatever you do, have a great weekend!

Snow scene in Switzerland ©

Photo credits: Bruce Gilden at Photo13, NewInZurich

Mercedes CSI Show Jumping “Golden Moments” at Hallenstadion 25th – 27th January

The Mercedes-CSI horse show is celebrating their 25th Jubilee at the Hallenstadion from 25th – 27th January with an event entitled “Golden Moments”.

Mercedes Benz CSI Golden Moments

The show promises a unique blend of elite sport and entertainment with a diverse program and a professional show. It also features the CSI “expo” or exhibition, with lots of attractions for the whole family. If you’re interested in learning more about the type of entertainment on offer check out this video.

Tickets start at CHF 68 – so for the horse lovers amongst you, do take a look here.

New Year … New Auto Vignette for motorway driving in Switzerland

Now that we’re into 2013 just a quick reminder that if you haven’t already got one, now is the time to make sure you have a new Auto Vignette for your car if you plan driving on the Swiss motorways.  This is the latest version for 2013:

Auto vignette 2013

You do have until the end of January as “grace” but if you’re caught driving on a motorway without a valid vignette from the 1st February it could result in a CHF 200 fine (this was increased a while ago, as it was previously a CHF 100 fine).

But did you know that where you place your Auto Vignette on the windscreen is also very important ?  Yes, seriously, if you display it incorrectly (i.e if you don’t take the backing off and stick it to the windscreen itself (even if you’re planning on selling the car soon, or it’s a temporary car that is also no excuse!), you would be in danger of getting a fine!  Similarly, if you place the vignette in an “inappropriate spot” on your windscreen (which may for restrict or impede your visibility, for example) you could also get in trouble.

To make sure that no NewInZurich driver gets caught – here is a little diagram from the EZV showing the three “approved” locations for the vignette on your windscreen:

Where to place your vignette on your windscreen in Switzerland

The Autovignette itself costs CHF 40 and the 2013 version is available now to purchase at the Post office, in service stations and at selected shops.

Please note that this diagram can also be found on our “Practical Info” page of NewInZurich for reference. it’s also worth noting that when you are driving over the border in Austria you also need to buy an “Auto Vignette” for their motorways too.  In Austria they are available for purchase for shorter periods of time, even for a few days,  and you can buy them at the border.  For the other countries bordering Switzerland, France, Germany and Italy there are no auto vignettes but you may pay tolls on certain motorways.  Happy driving!

Picture: Courtesy of EZV, Eidgenoessische Zollverwaltung