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It’s that time of the year for New Year Resolutions and perhaps a new you? Our latest featured Guest Blog is Georgina Georgiu from Pure Beauty Spa.

NewinZurich: Georgina, tell us a little bit about yourself and how new you are to Zurich.

Georgina: I moved to Zurich last November so strictly speaking I am not ‘New in Zurich’, but the business, Pure Beauty Spa, is! My sister, Alexandra, and I are partners and we are both UK certified, experienced professional Beauty Therapists with over fifteen years’ experience working in the beauty and spa industry in the UK and abroad. We were previously located in Greece where we successfully owned and managed the same business there too.

Georgina Georgiu, Pure Beauty Spa

NewInZurich: So how did you start your business in Zurich?

Georgina: After a couple of months in Zurich I soon realised that I either had to speak German fluently or start my own business so I did an intensive German course and created a website. During this time I had made quite a few contacts and had a number of regular clients and together with my sister started searching for permanent premises which we found in a great location in Seefeld with parking for our customers too!  Pure Beauty Spa now has a new lease of life – this time in Zurich instead of our home town in Greece.  We realise how lucky we are and how many people dream about doing something like this every day.

NewInZurich: What was the hardest thing about starting your own business and living your dream?

Georgina: Getting the salon up and running was a huge challenge especially as we both do not speak German. We signed the contracts and got the keys in mid-October, and that’s when the real work began. We had originally thought it would take us two weeks but that proved to be very unrealistic and so one month later we very happily opened our doors.  Perseverance is the name of the game!

NewInZurich: So what does Pure Beauty Spa offer?

Georgina: We offer a premium range of professional beauty and spa treatments for both men and women. From essential beauty treatments (facials, waxing, nails, massage) to specialised treatments such as spa body treatments, non-surgical face lifting, microdermabrasion, red vein and pigmentation treatments, permanent hair removal and cellulite reducing treatments. We use and retail some of the best, world renowned spa brands in the industry. Such as Elemis, OPI, CND Shellac, Jane Iredale Skincare Makeup, LND:Skins sunless tanning system, Lycon Precision Waxing  and Pukka Teas, to name but a few. We also offer gift cards which can be purchased online, over the phone or at the spa.  We can even send them out to you.

NewInZurich: And you have some special offers to tell us about?

Georgina: Yes, we have a Special Introductory Offer for New in Zurich readers. We would like to offer you 10% off your first treatment with us and the first 10 lucky people to contact us will receive a free 20min Massage for every Facial Treatment Booked (1Hr min). Please quote New in Zurich at time of booking.

NewInZurich: You also have a very special date coming up.

Georgina: Our opening party celebration will take place on Thursday 31st January from 6pm at our new premises on Zollikerstrasse 82, 8008 Zurich. Please email if you would like to come and let us know if you are bringing a guest. We look forward to seeing you!

Appointments can be booked via our website or by sending an email to:  or by calling:  043 544 31 31 or 078 640 71 78


Have you ever needed someone with graphic design expertise and business consulting experience here in Zurich?  Ann Söderblom is our featured Guest Blog for December and she might be just the person you’ve been looking for.  As well as setting up a new business this year concentrating on graphic design and business consulting, Söderblom Design, this very motivated and focused multi-lingual Swede is full of “can do” attitude and is enthusiastic to help your business.

Ann Soderblom

NewInZurich:  Ann, tell me a little bit about yourself and how new you are to Zurich.

Ann: I’m originally from Sweden but I’ve been in Zurich now for about 4 years.  I grew up in Sweden and studied graphic design and communications at the University of Berg in Sweden. I arrived in Zurich via Barcelona, having lived in Spain for 3 years.

NewInZurich:  What inspired you to create Söderblom Design and what do you do?

Ann: Well my business is basically about web and graphic design, although due to business demand I’m also now concentrating on business consulting too. My personal mission is to help people transition from employment to entrepreneurship, since that has been such a positive change in my own life since the start of 2012. I really enjoy working with expats and international Swiss people who are setting up their own passion and freedom based businesses.

NewInZurich: How did you come to start up this business?

Ann: I tested out a few different things  and started out with a few client projects and it’s grown from there. Most of my works has come via word of mouth and I had to leave my full time job in January 2012 so that I could concentrate on my new business full time. In fact during, the past year I’ve taken on over 30 customer projects.

NewInZurich: How did you find out that you had a flair for graphic design and for running your own business?

Ann: Since I was very young my dream has always been to run my own business.  It’s something I’ve always been passionate about and what I always enjoyed in my other start-up businesses. What I do most of the time is to help the client with a full corporate identity including the logo, business cards, website and much more.

NewInZurich: What are your plans for 2013?

I’m very excited about the coming year since so much has already happened in 2012. On a personal note I found my once-in-a-lifetime boyfriend and we now have a house together, so I’m very happy about that too! In 2013 I aim to focus on more business development for my clients. I really enjoy helping people start their own business and fulfilling what for many is a  life-long dream.

Ann can be contacted at Söderblom Design on tel: +41 (0)76 411 20 37, email  and her website is


Are you considering social media marketing for your brand? Our featured Guest Blog this month has just what you need! Ashley Ringger of Set Sails Media answers all our questions about her business focusing on social media, content management and marketing.

Ashley Ringger, Set Sails Media, www.NewInZurich.comNewInZurich: How new are you and Set Sails Media to Zurich?

Ashley Ringger: I’ve lived in Switzerland for three years and in Zurich for about two of those years. So I am still relatively new to Zurich. Living in Switzerland has been a bit of a transition as I come from California, but I’ve had some really great experiences in that short amount of time. Some of which I would have never had back home. One of them being starting my own business. Set Sails Media is still very new to Zurich – less than a year old in fact.

NiZ: Where did the inspiration for Set Sails Media come from?

Ashley: When I came to Zurich I started networking with other professionals in the area and realized there was a recurring question of “What is social media marketing and how can it help my brand?”. I’ve worked in general and social media marketing for several years and have studied human behavior and felt that I might be able to answer this question and offer my knowledge as a service to others. Social media marketing is often called “the modern day word of mouth” and I felt that business owners should have the chance to utilize all that Facebook, Twitter and the like offer.

NiZ: Why did you choose the name “Set Sails” for your business?

Ashley: There are a few reasons for the name. When a new business is starting out, they need to fill the sails of their metaphorical business ship to move forward. I want to help businesses set their sails in the direction of success. “Sails” is also synonymous with “sales” which is also really important for a business. And I also have a personal connection to the ocean having grown up close to it.

NiZ: Who could benefit the most from your services?

Ashley: I target my services to small businesses and those who are their brand – artists, therapists, tour guides. I would say that anyone who has a service or product they want to market, I could help them lay the groundwork. Even those who has started their marketing and just need a clearer direction, I can help them “reset their sails” so to speak.

NiZ: What are your services?

Ashley: Social media marketing management is my main focus, but I also do brainstorming and strategy development, content writing for blogs and newsletters, public relations and training. If there is something I can’t do, I usually know someone I can refer my clients to.

NiZ: What do businesses struggle with the most in regards to social media?

Ashley: One common barrier to successful social media is time. A business owner has so many things to worry about that finding the time to write content, post it and follow-up with fans can be overwhelming. Many of my clients rely on me to source information, post it in the “personality” of their business and monitor to see how fans react. And it doesn’t stop there. Social media is indeed social! You have to develop relationships with others online just like you would in person. This means being consistent and relevant to what’s going on in your industry

To get in touch with Ashley for your FREE consultation, visit Set Sails Media’s website or email her:


Our Featured Guest Blog this month is an interview with Sylvia Leck, Academic Director of the Foundations for Learning in Zurich. A Service providing learning support to children of all ages.

Question: Sylvia,  I understand that your business Foundations for Learning is not so much a new service in Zurich anymore but one that is rapidly expanding. Do tell me first of all a little about why and how you set up the company?

Foundations For Learning has been in existence for nearly three years. I have worked as a learning support teacher for many years in England , Mexico, Singapore , Venezuela and Switzerland and am fascinated by the different ways that children learn. I decided to start the Foundation as I saw that even though many schools have outstanding Learning Support Departments the demand for Learning Support was growing rapidly. Many children need a little  extra support at one time or another and I wanted to offer a Zurich-wide support service where parents could find a range of options available in one place.

Question: And what about the new premises?  Will you still be working out of Witikon?

We are very lucky in that we now have three locations where we can work with children  Hinteregg, Witikonerstrasse 50 and now Waltikon, near Zumikon This means that we are able to work with children from many different parts of Zurich. In Waltikon we have just opened an extended support centre for children who have more complex needs. This centre is run in partnership with ICS international school. Children who need a personalized teaching programme for their academic subjects receive that in our new centre. They go to the main school for break and lunchtime to socialise with their peers and for subjects such as Art, Music, Drama and P.E.  We are very excited about being able to offer this new programme.

Question:  As well as helping children and teenagers, I understand that you are also running courses for adults now – what sort of courses are these?

We are now running a Teaching Assistant´s Course for people interested in working in schools as Teaching Assistants. The course is a year long and consists of 10 modules . We cover many different topics such as language development in children, reading, sensory integration and teaching maths. This year we are running our 3rd training course and we are so pleased that many of our participants have already gained employed in schools in Zurich. We also offer a wide range of training courses for teachers.. We are also looking to develop some workshops for parents and I would really welcome any suggestions from parents regarding  topics they think would be most useful and relevant for them.

Question: If parents feel that their child is falling behind in school work or not working to the best of his or her ability are there any tips that you can give them?

If parents have a concern that their child may be experiencing some difficulty in a particular aspect of their learning I would really urge them to write down their observations and to try to make them as specific as possible. For example it would be far more useful for teachers if parents wrote for example, ” My son seems able to decode words accurately but does not seem to understand what he reads ” compared to  ” My son is not a good reader”. Once you have made these observations it is important that these are shared with your child´s class teacher.

At Foundations For Learning we work closely with schools as it is so important that a cohesive system of support is in place for a child and all members of the child´s learning network need to work closely together. Parents can always call us at the Foundation for advice, without committing themselves to working with us in any way.

Sylvia can be contacted at the Foundations for Learning on +41 (0)78 912 61 55 of click here for the website.


Claire Lillywhite, De-cluttering Consultancy Service – 

Are you a tidy person?  Is your house neat and organised? Are all your moving boxes unpacked? Or perhaps like most of us you lead a very busy life and could do with a helping hand when it comes to bringing order and harmony into your home, your office, your cellar, your wardrobe? If so, I’m sure you’d be delighted to hear of a new service that’s just been launched in Zurich called “Easily Sorted”, run by Claire Lillywhite.

Claire agreed to be interviewed for our Guest Blog and here’s what she had to say:

NiZ: Claire, I know that you’re not “New In Zurich” yourself, but I understand you are offering a service that is.  Tell me more.

I have lived in Zurich for 17 years and have always been happy to help friends sort through, organise and tidy away their possessions, furniture, office, garage, wardrobe and more. Afterwards people often feel as if a burden has been lifted from them and they are free to concentrate on their “proper job”. I have realised that more people may benefit from friendly advice and help, especially when living in a foreign country and have just launched this as a new service called Easily Sorted.

NiZ: This sounds like a great service. What made you come up with the idea of Easily Sorted in the first place?

I have heard so many times that people are overwhelmed when coming here as they do not have the support of family or friends and often the husband is either working away or very long hours, leaving the wife to cope with settling the children into school, setting up the home and being a supportive wife. It is difficult in a new place to know where to shop for storage soloutions, where to recycle good but unwanted items, or having an outlet to sell items that are too good to give away. The end result is having cupboards, shelves or even rooms used as a dumping ground for an ever increasing mountain of unwanted ‘stuff’.

NiZ: Will you be operating all over Switzerland or just in the Zurich area?

To begin with I will be concentrating on the Zurich area as it is an area with which I am familiar.

NiZ: If our readers can have just one tip to set them on the road to an organised life, what would you say to them?

Take one step at a time in dealing with clutter and disorder. And if it is all too much you know that you can simply keep calm and call Claire!

Call Claire on 076 509 3549  or email her on

Click here for the link to Claire’s website.

And after tidying out and de-cluttering if you have anything you want to sell why not email with your Flickr link and contact details and we can put a link up for you on our “Market Place” page – totally free of charge!


Our first Guest Blog is from Rachel Dale, a busy mum of three and NewInZurich friend, who has been training for the past 30 weeks for the IronMan Event this Sunday Read all about Rachel’s experiences here:       

Rachel says: My three boys were singularly unimpressed when I announced I was thinking of doing the “Half Ironman”.  If I wanted to do an ironman at all, it should be whole thing, the full Ironman, for them to be proud . So here I am, 48 hours before my first Ironman a race which will consist of 3.8 km of swimming, 180 km of hilly bike rides followed by a full Marathon! And most importantly, it all needs to be completed within 16 hours!!! It’s a tough challenge for very experienced athletes, nevermind me!  On Sunday, there will be 1,400 men & just 200 women competing to finish. A few will have their sights set on completing in the first 50 and they will be rewarded with a starting place in Kona, Hawaii, for the Ironman World Championships . My sights are not set that high . If I can finish without walking the marathon, l will be delighted.

So this Sunday morning, the swimming starts at 7am – it will be quite a sight with all the athletes entering the water in one go! The top athletes finish between 4-5pm, with the stragglers like me bringing up the rear sometime before 11pm.

As I wait for Sunday morning, my thoughts turn to preparation – consuming enough food & water, keeping warm for the predicted bad weather & trying to keep still and most of all to rest, which unbelievably, is the hardest job of all!

It’s been a long 30 weeks of training, on average 2 hours a day, 6 days a week. The tough days have been cycling in the rain for hours on my own, training hard with a very fit Swiss triathlon club, in a language I don’t understand and learning to swim the crawl in the lake. The good days have been amazing, Switzerland is a beautiful place to train, I’ve made great friends and just teaching your body to do things it doesn’t know how to do has been incredible.

I look forward to testing my body and feel happy just to have made it to the starting line, crossing the finishing line will be an amazing bonus.


Rachel Dale is competing in the Ironman to raise money for  KidneyResearch in support of her son Charlie’s illness. If you would like to


Update!  Rachel will be taking part in the Jungfrau Marathon in aid of Room to Read on Saturday September 8th.  

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