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If you are new to Zurich and need some advice or would like to book a Welcome to Zurich talk please do not hesitate to contact us. We can chat through your requirements on the phone or you can email us to book your information talk which comes complete with our “NewInZurich” handbook. Talks can be held either in your office or your home. We also arrange group talks in and around Zurich so call us to find out when the next one is being held.

We look forward to your email:

or call: 077 44 731 44

or connect with us now on Facebook so you can keep up to date with all that’s going on in and around Zurich


We give talks and hold Workshops for both individuals and large and small groups of expats and people new and not so new to Zurich. Here are some of their quotes after our talks:

• “Fabulous talk covered all my requirements”

• “I learnt so much – it really helped” 

• “Your talk was invaluable” 

• “Thank you so much – I just wish I’d heard your talk when I first arrived”

•“I’ve lived here for over 6 years and didn’t think I would learn anything new – but to my surprise I’ve actually learned alot! Winifred

• “Thank you for your fantastic presentation … I was absolutely amazed at your vast knowledge” 
Anne Marie

• “Your talk made everything easier for me. Great information!” Juliana
• “I will definitely recommend to my friends – this workshop has answered so many of my questions”
• “I can’t wait till my visitors arrive – I feel like I really know what to do in Zurich now” 

• “My last thanks to you for all your helpful information.  You have really made our transition and exit alot less stressful.  Good luck to you and keep doing the great job that you are doing.  Not sure if you realize how helpful you are!!!” Mary Ann

• “Thank you very much to you.  And thank you for sending us all this information. You did a fantastic job.”  Lourdes, Aug 30th 2012


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