Snow and Sunsets in and Around Zurich

Well we’ve had lots of snow in and around Zurich this past couple of weeks but right now it’s starting to disappear and the forecast for the coming week is a mixture of cloud, rain, sunshine and snow showers – but who knows! The city looked pretty last week covered in a white blanket – though some of the bikes and bike seats have been looking decidedly chilly! Definitely the weather to find a cosy cafe and order a hot chocolate to warm yourself up!

Snowy bike seat in Zurich

Outside the Viadukt there were lots of bikes lined up in rows in the snow but this poor bike looked in rather a sorry state, abandoned in the snow.

Snowy bike in ZurichStadelhofen looked very pristine and white though they’ve turned off the fountain so we’re missing out on the cool ice sculptures we used to get when the water froze artistically over the statues.

Stadelhofen Zurich in the snow

Overlooking the lake around Meilen and Kusnacht there were some beautiful sunsets with gorgeous reflections which made the snow turn pink.

Views around Zurich's Gold Coast in the snow

And as the sun set it almost looked as if this tree was aglow.

Sunset on the Gold Coast in Zurich

And up on the slopes in Davos today it was sunny and clear.

Ski Slopes in Davos

Do you have any photos of Zurich in the snow that you’d like to share?  If so, email them to us and we will post up a selection of your photos and attribute them to you.

Have a great week ahead whatever the weather!

Visit to Photo13 at the Maag Halle in Zurich

Maag Halle, Zurich

There are two more days left to visit Photo13 in Zurich so if you haven’t been already, there’s still time this Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th January from 11am – 8pm.

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 4.55.39 PM

As well as viewing some amazing photography there are also inspirational lectures available to attend given by world renowned photographers such as Steve McCurry, who took the iconic photograph of the “Afghan Girl” with the beautiful green eyes, which featured on the cover of the National Geographic magazine back in 1985 and has since become world famous. Steve McCurry will be speaking on Tuesday at 8pm after the exhibition has closed and is sure to be an enthralling speaker.

Morgan Schmid, Photographer at Photo13


We went on Friday and not only had the chance to see some sensational photography by Swiss photographers exhibiting at Photo13 such as Morgan Schmid, Oliver Look, Nicholas Zanvi and many more, but also to talk to them about the techniques they used to create their photos and what inspires them.


Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 4.54.04 PM

Maag Halle, Zurich

Entrance to the exhibition is CHF 15 and the lectures cost extra. For tickets click here and for more information on the event itself go to this page. The picture below is of Albert Watson who took the world famous photo of Steve Jobs, giving a talk to a packed lecture hall on Friday evening.

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 4.54.54 PM


Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best for 2013!

Wishing you all the best for a happy and healthy new Year!

Before we turn our back on last year completely, here are some memories from in and around Zurich in 2012.

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Photo13 in Zurich from 4th – 8th January

If you love photography don’t miss Photo13 at the Maag Halle in Zurich organised by photoForum.  The exhibition is on from 4th to 8th January from 11am  – 8pm each day and features some superb Swiss photography.

photo13 Zurich

As well as viewing some amazing photography there are also inspirational lectures available to attend given by world renowned photographers such as Albert Watson, who took the world-famous portrait of Steve Jobs.  Entrance to the exhibition is CHF 15 and the lectures cost extra. For tickets click here and for more information on the event itself go to this page. It’s sure to be a feast for the eyes!

photo13 Zurich

Sunrise and Sunset around Zurich

There’s always something magical about sunrise and sunset and today both the sunrise and the sunset over the mountains around Zurich were very beautiful. Well, I guess that since we have all survived the 21st December – apparently the next predication is for the world to go under on the 1st January 2017. Until then enjoy the sunrises and the sunsets. This is a phtoto of today’s sunrise:

Sunrise in Zumikon

And this is a picture of today’s sunset:

Sunset over Zumikon and Zurich

Photos from Silvesterlauf Zurich 2012

Sunday’s Silvesterlauf was a successful event in Zurich with crowds thronging the streets as people paraded around in all sorts of costumes, from traditional lycra sports attire to various forms of fancy dress, ranging from angels, to devils to Father Christmases, to red hot chilli peppers and everything in-between.  There was even someone running through the city dressed as a box!

Parts of the city were closed to traffic to accommodate the run which is called the Silvesterlauf (actually meaning New Year’s run) but for some strange reason it always takes place in the middle of December.

A fun event, maybe you’ll want to take part next year?

12 12 12

12th December 2012




Photo: © Simion7d

Today is the the 12th day of the 12th month of two thousand and twelve!

There are lots of superstitions associated with the occurrence of this “perfect number” in triplicate. Apparently the date represents a “window of possibility for an evolutionary leap”. So today is a great day to make a new resolution or to start a new venture! 12 is a special number and its repeating patterns can be seen across all cultures including Swiss: 12 hours of the day, 12 months of the year, 12 in a dozen, 12 zodiac signs, 12 apostles, and the 12 days of Christmas.  It also represents the closing of a chapter, and the beginning of a new era. It doesn’t work for everything though – to make the famous Ricola sweets the Swiss use 13 herbs!

Anyway,  to celebrate 12/12/12 here are 12 photos taken in and around Zurich  over the past 12 days.

snowy photos of zurich

Frenetic Zurich Video

Frenetic Zurich

If you’ve forgotten what Zurich looks like when it’s not snowing, take a look at this beautiful video of the city by Swiss photographer Alessandro Della Bella, entitled “Frenetic Zurich”. Alessandro has created a number of “time-lapse” videos of Switzerland and this this one of Zurich (see below) certainly conveys its energy and vibrancy.

Photo and video: Alessandro Della Bella

Zurich Ranks Number 2 in Mercer Quality of Living Survey

Zurich ©

Mercer announced today the results of their annual “Quality of Living Survey” in which they survey over 460 cities around the world and concluded that Zurich ranks number two, just behind Vienna. Other European cities in the top 30 include Geneva (8), Amsterdam (12), Berlin (16), Hamburg (17), Luxembourg (19), Stockholm (19), Brussels (22) Nürnberg (24) and Stuttgart (27) with Paris (29) and London (38). Dublin dropped nine places from last year to rank (35), and Prague (69) is the highest-ranking Eastern European city followed by Budapest (74). The lowest-ranking European city is Tbilisi in Georgia (213).

Outside Europe, New York ranks (44) and San Francisco (29).

See below an excerpt from Mercer’s table showing the top 30 cities:

Mercer Quality of Living Survey

Credit: Mercer

The survey is based on 39 criteria grouped into 10 categories:  Political and social environment, Economic environment, Socio-cultural environment, Medical and health, Schools and education, Public services and transportation, Recreation, Consumer goods , Housing, and Natural Environment.  Well done Zurich!

Samichlaus Swim in the Limmat in Zurich – brrr!!!!

Samichlaus Swimming in Zur

Despite the ridiculously cold temperatures, not to mention the snow falling in Zurich on Sunday, there was a long line of people of all ages qeueing up to take (almost) all their clothes off and jump in the river! What’s more they had had to pay for the privilege – as well as register in advance for this rather mad tradition known as “Samichlaus Schwimmen”.

Samichlaus Schwimmen Zurich
















Now in it’s 13th year, it usually takes place at the beginning of December and involves jumping into the Limmat at Pier 7 near Bellevue and swimming across to the other side ending up (hopefully) at the Frauenbadi, preferably wearing a Father Christmas hat or some other festive adornment.

Samichlaus Swim in Zurich

The blue and sunny skies belied the cold temperatures – and the water temperature was between 4 and 7 degrees !!! However,  this did not deter just under 350 eager participants taking part this crisp December day.

Samichlaus Swimming in Zur

The groups were divided into small batches as they jumped into the Limmat every 4 minutes, accompanied by divers from Scuba Viva, the local scuba diving company based at Pier 7.  Around nine divers were on duty including Bruno (see photo below) and a boat ferried the swimmers’ luggage across to the Frauenbadi.  The police and a number of ‘watch men” were also on hand for safety.

Samichlaus Schwimmen Zurich

Some swimmers, including Lisa (see photo wearing garland) were not quite cold enough and insisted on swimming across whilst eating ice lollies.  Thankfully though they warmed up with a glass of schnapps once they arrived at the other side (after finishing off their lollies).

Samichlaus Schwimmen Zurich

If this has inspired you to try the “Samichlaus Swim” swim next year then don’t forget to register next year!


Samichlaus Schwimmen Zurich