Switzerland Winter Magic

Switzerland Winter Magic, www. NewInZurich.com

We all know how beautiful Switzerland can be in the WInter when it’s been snowing, but if you needed a reminder here is a great video from MySwitzerland.com just proving the point! Click here to view:

Photp and Video: MySwitzerland


Helvetia’s Dream – Time-lapse Video of Swiss Mountains by Alessandro Della Bella

Have you seen this fabulous time-lapse video of the Swiss landscape and mountains by Alessandro Della Bella?  It was featured in the Tages Anzeiger newspaper last week.

Entitled “Helvetia’s Dream” it was taken using time lapse photography and shows Switzerland’s mountains in all their glory from Arosa to Zermatt including the Matternhorn and the Eiger.  In the in the Tages Anzeiger article he explains the difficulties involved in capturing the shots during the night and the problems dealing with using his camera in freezing temperatures.

Click here to watch the video.

Alessandro is a professional photographer originally from Arosa but now living in Zurich and NewInZurich met with him when he was photographing the Zurich Film Festival last month and he explained the variety of photography he covers from sporting events, through to Film Festivals and celebrities and of course nature and the mountains.

Time Lapse Video of Zurich

If you haven’t yet seen this time lapse video that was talked about in the NZZ newspaper this Summer then do take a look:

Video courtesy of niggli.com

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