New Year … New Auto Vignette for motorway driving in Switzerland

Now that we’re into 2013 just a quick reminder that if you haven’t already got one, now is the time to make sure you have a new Auto Vignette for your car if you plan driving on the Swiss motorways.  This is the latest version for 2013:

Auto vignette 2013

You do have until the end of January as “grace” but if you’re caught driving on a motorway without a valid vignette from the 1st February it could result in a CHF 200 fine (this was increased a while ago, as it was previously a CHF 100 fine).

But did you know that where you place your Auto Vignette on the windscreen is also very important ?  Yes, seriously, if you display it incorrectly (i.e if you don’t take the backing off and stick it to the windscreen itself (even if you’re planning on selling the car soon, or it’s a temporary car that is also no excuse!), you would be in danger of getting a fine!  Similarly, if you place the vignette in an “inappropriate spot” on your windscreen (which may for restrict or impede your visibility, for example) you could also get in trouble.

To make sure that no NewInZurich driver gets caught – here is a little diagram from the EZV showing the three “approved” locations for the vignette on your windscreen:

Where to place your vignette on your windscreen in Switzerland

The Autovignette itself costs CHF 40 and the 2013 version is available now to purchase at the Post office, in service stations and at selected shops.

Please note that this diagram can also be found on our “Practical Info” page of NewInZurich for reference. it’s also worth noting that when you are driving over the border in Austria you also need to buy an “Auto Vignette” for their motorways too.  In Austria they are available for purchase for shorter periods of time, even for a few days,  and you can buy them at the border.  For the other countries bordering Switzerland, France, Germany and Italy there are no auto vignettes but you may pay tolls on certain motorways.  Happy driving!

Picture: Courtesy of EZV, Eidgenoessische Zollverwaltung


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