Räbeliechtliumzug in Richterswil Saturday 10th November

Raeblilichumzug Richterswil

Don’t miss the Räbeliechtliumzug in Richterswil this Saturday 10th November.  Not only is it the biggest in Europe, but is it also the most spectacular with the carved turnips illuminated by candles twinkling like hundred of little stars. The event istself take place in Richterswil with over 10’000 carved turnips and when the lights are turned off the village looks like  something out of a fairytale. The program is as follows:

  • from 3 pm Marketstalls sell decorated turnips for you to buy in Poststrasse
  • from 4 pm Concerts at Wisshusplatz and in Poststrasse
  • from 4 pm  Food and drink at Wisshusplatz
  • 6.25 pm  All the lights in the centre of the vilage are turned off
  • 6.30 pm  The Räbeliechtli-Umzug (procession) begins
  • 8.00 pm  End of the Umzug and the lights go back on
    Badges are on sale for CHF 8 and Pins for CHF 15 and if possible try to buy these as soon as you arrive.

For more information click here.

And if you fancy carving your own “Räbli” here are some finished examples for inspiration:


After you have carved your own “Räbli”, don’t forget to put in water until it is needed so that it doesn’t end up all dried up and wrinkly!

Photos: Schweizer Illustrierte and VVRS.ch

2 thoughts on “Räbeliechtliumzug in Richterswil Saturday 10th November

  1. thank you yet again! I have tried to find detailed info about this in the past (eg exact location, times etc) and failed. This is brilliant – hope my kids are not too old for it now!

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