Knabenschiessen 8th – 10th September

  • “Knabenschiessen” takes place next weekend at Albisgüetli from Saturday 8th till Monday 10th September. The custom dates back to the seventeenth century, when all boys were required to practice their shooting during the summer holidays and the final was held in September. It is no longer compulsory and since 1920, the Riflemen’s Association of Zurich has hosted this traditional shoot.
  • Since 1991 it has also been open to girls too and in total there will be around 4,000 children aged 12 to 16 entering the contest. If you have a son or daughter in this age range, who would like to compete, they need to register here by 7th September
  • As well as hosting the shooting, Albisgüetli becomes one great big “Chilbi” or amusement park, with stalls and booths, rides and attractions and lots of fun!

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