Pink Ribbon Charity Walk Zurich 2012

Did you take part in the Pink Ribbon Charity Walk on Sunday?

Pink Ribbon Charity Walk 2012

Pink Ribbon Charity Walk 2012

Despite the grey skies the mood was lifted by lots of different shades of pink and everyone had a great time raising money for a good cause.  The event itself was sold out and was at maximum capacity. There were Zumba classes, music, general warm ups and lots of fun both before and after the 4km walk. What a great way to spend a Sunday.

Zurich Film Festival Awards 2012 – Tom Tykwer, Heather Graham and more…

On Saturday night the Opera House was looking rather splendid as it was illuminated by coloured lights ready for the 8th Zurich Film Festival Awards ceremony. The green carpet was in place and the Zurich Film Festival directors Nadja Schildknecht, beautifully attired in an oyster full length dress, together with a very elegant Karl Spoerri, prepared to meet and greet the esteemed guests.

Zurich opera house illuminated, by night © NewInZurich

The four juries of the competition categories presented their awards to Great Britain, the USA and to Germany and Austria. The main award went to the British film BROKEN by Rufus Norris for the Internaltional Feature Film Award, and the other awards to THE IMPOSTER by Bart Layton (USA) for International Documentary Film, to AM HIMMEL DER TAG by Pola Beck (Germany) for German Language Feature Film and to DER PROZESS by Gerald Igor Hauzenberger (Austria) for German language Documentary Film.

Herbert Groenemayer, Zurich Film Festival 2012 © NewInZurich

Herbert Groenemayer

The Critics’ Award went to EL ULTIMO ELVIS by Armando Bo from Argentina and Christian Labhart’s Swiss documentary film APPASSIONATA won the Audience Award. Four out of the six winning films were debut works.

There were lots of glitzy frocks and dazzling smiles along the green carpet as the actors, judges, directors and Zurich’s glitterati made their way into the Opera House where the Awards Ceremony was taking place.

This year there were 7,000 more visitors to the Film Festival than last year with an attendance in total of over 58,000 visitors.

Heather Graham © NewInZurich

Heather Graham

Zurich Film Festival 2012 © NewInZurich

Nadja Schildknecht, Herbert Groenemeyer, Karl Spoerri

Tom Tykwer, Zurich Film Festival 2012

Tom Tykwer

Carlos Leal, Zurich Film Festival 2012 © NewInZurich

Carlos Leal

Dieter Meier, Zurich Film Festival 2012, © NewInZurich

Dieter Meier

Moritz Bleibtreu, Zurich Film Festival 2012 © NewInZurich

Moritz Bleibtreu

Jacqueline Schneider-Walcher, Zurich Film Festival 2012

Jacqueline Schneider-Walcher

Fiona Hefti, Zurich Film Festival 2012 © NewInZurich

Fiona Hefti

Susan Sarandon, Zurich Film Festival 2012 © NewInZurich

Susan Sarandon

Mareike Wegener, Zurich Film Festival 2012 © NewInZurich

Mareike Wegener

Richard Gere

Richard Gere














This year three new awards were introduced – a Golden Eye award for the best International film composer, one for actress Helen Hunt and a Lifetime Achievement award for American actor, John Travolta.

We hope you enjoyed the 8th Zurich Film Festival as much as we did and we look forward to seeing you at the 9th Zurich Film Festival next year on September 26th – October 6th 2013!

All photos © NewInZurich

Time Lapse Video of Zurich

If you haven’t yet seen this time lapse video that was talked about in the NZZ newspaper this Summer then do take a look:

Video courtesy of

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Zurich Weekend – Bierfest, Alpabzug, Zuspa, Zurich Film Festival, Pink Ribbon Charity Walk, Rowing

Why not raise a glass and celebrate Oktoberfest Zurich style?  The Zurich Bierfest is on at Zurich Hauptbahnof until Saturday 13th October and normally proves to be a very popular event with plenty of beer, lots of live music and entertainment and a fun atmosphere.  It’s advisable to make reservations if you can but there are normally some seats availble if you’re passing by.  For more information and to make a booking click here.

The Zurich Film Festival continues and on Saturday evening the Awards Ceremony take place. Sunday is the last day and for information on the programme of events click here.

There is also an Alpabzug taking place on Saturday Engelberg from 10 – 12 at Viktoriagärtli and there will be a market there from 10 till 5pm..  For more information scroll down to see the previous posts or click here.

In Zurich between Rathaus and Quaibrucke there is a World Rowing Race taking place between 1pm and 5pm.  For more information click here.

Zuepsa also runs for two more days, finishing on Sunday so if you’ve still got more shopping or food and wine tasting you want to investigate do head on down there. For more info click here.

On Sunday the 5th annual Pink Ribbon Charity walk takes plan  at the Letzigrund Stadium in Zurich from 12 noon to 5pm. If you haven’t done so already you can register on the day at 12 noon.

Men, women and children are welcome to participate and for further information scroll down the NewInZurich Home page.

Photos: Zurich Wiese Oktoberfest & Pink Ribbon Charity Walk

More Cow Parades down the Mountains in Switzerland

If you haven’t made it to the mountains to watch one of the “Aplabfahrt” or “Alpabzug” where the cows come down the mountains and parade through the streets after spending the Summer months on the higher pastures it’s still not too late.

“Colourful headgear – what all well dressed cows are wearing this time of year!”        Which one is your favourite?

Last Saturday we visited the Alpabzug in Flumserberg and watched as the beautifully decorated cows with their flowers and ribbons paraded through the streets to the waiting crowds. There was a carnival atmosphere in the village as both locals and visitors alike congregated in the marquee to taste local delicacies with or without one of the highly alcoholic “Kafi Uberraschungs” that were on offer. As soon as the cows arrived the crowds rushed on to the streets to welcome the cows home with the accompanying herdsmen dressed in traditional costume.

Even the locals didn’t want to be outdone in the hat department:

There was also a Cheese Market featuring cheeses made from local milk.

This Saturday  29th September, the Alpabzug in Engelberg takes place at 10 – 12 at Viktoriagärtli with the market going on from 10 till 5pm.

The Alpabzug in Elm takes place on 7th October at 14.30pm in Elm. Again lots of traditional costumes, decorated cows and plenty of fun. More information can be found on Elm’s website.

Photos: © NewInZurich

The Zurich Opera House Open Day in pictures

Did you visit Zurich Opera House’s Open Day last Saturday? If you did you had the opportunity not only to see special performances and taster sessions, but also to listen to chamber music in the “Room of Mirrors” to check out the views from different seats in the theatre, to look behind the scenes and watch demonstration of “fake snow” and “fake fires” taking place on stage as well as disappearing doors and other theatrical devices.

One of the best areas was the Wardrobe section where you had access to period costumes and with the help of very competent “wardrobe mistresses” you could actually choose a costume to try on, along with co-ordinating hats, brollies and even tiaras.

The Opera House is home to opera, ballet, concerts and lots more. It is located centrally in Zurich with views right over the lake and is close to Stadelhofen railway station and is well connected for trams.

Fancy watching Salome, Tosca or Jenufa – all of which will be performing soon? To check out the current Opera Programme click here. Romeo and Juliet as well as Swan Lake ballets will be performing soon as well and for the full Ballet Programme click here. The programme for the Philharmonic Concerts is available here.

Zurich Opera House – well worth a visit.

Picture: Zurich Opera House
Photos: NewInZurich

New In Zurich on Zurich Expats

We’d like to thank Zurich Expats for running an article on New In Zurich this week which we hope you like:

Like Zurich Expats, New In Zurich is in the business of making life a little easier for those new to Zurich, through information, personal experience and recommendation. Whether you’ve arrived here from near or far, whether you understand German or not, both our sites aim to give you a flavour of this wonderful city in English. Zurich has so much to offer, hopefully we can open your eyes to its beauty and charm as well as giving you insider tips on what’s happening and where.

Swiss Webcams – over 1,400 webcams all over Switzerland

Ever thought of making a journey but not sure what the weather would be like at the other end? Or you have a destination in mind but would like to take a peek first.  Then website is definitely for you.

With over 1,400 Swiss landscapes there is almost certainly a webcam close to  the area you are thinking of visiting.  For example, if you wanted to look at lakes in the Zurich area, simply  search on this criteria et voila:

Additional webcams are being added all the time and they cover cities, villages, golf courses, camping sites and lots more. In fact this “insider view” is particularly useful in the ski season when the weather you are leaving behind can be totally different to that in your intended destination!


Slow Up 2012 along Lake Zurich from Meilen to Rapperswil and Schmerikon

Did you cycle, skate, walk or run in the Slow Up on Sunday? The sun was shining and there were all forms of non-motorised transport on display – even a horse and trap.

Slow Up Zurich 2012 from Meilen to Rapperswil, NewInZurich.comIf you missed this event or if you enjoyed it and want to take part in another Slow Up please check here for details of the next Slow Up event which takes place in Schwyz – Swiss Knife Valley.  In fact there are Slow Up events all over Switzerland.  We are at the end of the 2012 schedule but check on this link for details for the rest of the year and for future events next year.

Slow Up 2012 in Rapperswil,

Refreshment stops on the Slow Up 2012 from Meilen to Rapperswil,

The Slow Up also passed through one of the many “chilbis”taking place all over the Zurich region at this time of year.  This one was in Mannerdorf.

Chilbi in Maennerdorf, Slow Up through Maennerdorf 2012,

Seen Helen Hunt at the Zurich Film Festival? Will you catch Richard Gere in Zurich today?

Did you see Helen Hunt in Zurich on Friday? Helen Hunt was the first female recipient of the “Golden Eye” Award at this year’s Zurich Film Festival on Friday before the Festival’s screening of her new film “The Sessions” at the film’s European premiere.

Today, Richard Gere will be receiving the Golden Eye this evening prior to the screening of his latest work ARBITRAGE. Susan Sarandon will be doing the laudation and there will be the opportunity for Autographs and photos at the Green Carpet this evening.

The Zürich Film Festival continues until the 30th September with the chance to view 70 new film premières many of which are also attended by well-known actors and directors. In addition there are lots of supporting events inviting you to discuss the films you have seen.

Information: Phone +41 0900 337 848 25

Photo credit:  Image courtesy of Zurich Film Festival

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