Long Night of the Museums – Die Lange Nacht der Zuercher Museen

Next Saturday 1st September the “Long night of the Museums” begins in Zurich at 7pm. It means that with one ticket costing just 25 CHF you have the opportunity to visit up to 40 museums in Zurich.  Well, ok, that’s probably not physically possible – but you should be able to visit a few!  The 40 Museums taking part are listed below, simply click on each one to learn more.  Alternatively click here to find out more about the event (in German). The ticket also includes public transport within Zone 10 (and the night supplement too if you stay out long enough!)  and there will be dedicated “museum trams” for the evening. In addition, there will be special events laid on at many of the museums. Tip: Take time to plan your route once you’ve decided which ones to visit, and be aware that some museums have limited capacity and get booked up early! Please note that Migros Contemporary Art Museum has had to withdraw from the event. Enjoy the night!


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