Zurich Openair Festival 23rd – 26th August & Dorfli Festival in Niederdorf 24th – 26th August

Another fun-packed week ahead! Zurich Openair Festival 2012 is about to start on 23rd – 26th August.  The line up includes bands such as The Killers, the Prodigy, Kraftwerk, The Chemical Brothers DJ set and lots more. Full information including details of how to get to the festival is available in English on the website.

Then on the 24th August the Dorfli Festival begins in Niederdorf in the old town in Zurich . There will be a great atmosphere with an eclectic line up of street performers, one man shows, live music, DJs as well as lots of open air restaurants and pavement cafes. What’s more is that it’s all free!  The Doerfli Festival kicks off at 6pm on Friday night and goes on till 2am, and again till 2am on Saturday night / Sunday morning, finishing at 10pm on Sunday evening. Click here and scroll down for the full programme of events.


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